35 Questions

35 Questions
Eris Eady

What has hate done for you?
Has it helped you to sleep at night?
Has it brought you through grief and turmoil?
Has it held you close when you’ve felt your loneliest?
Does hate and apprehension of the different make you feel less legit?

Are you less of you when someone is more of themselves?
Has making excuses based on difference justified a wrong?
What do you think will happen if you thought differently?
Will your head explode?
Will people stop liking you?

Will you start liking yourself?
Did you ever love someone in secret because it was too scary to love them publicly?
Have you ever feared for your life?
Did you wash your hands today?
Was that scary for you?

Has death ever been as familiar as washing your hands?
If color or gender really doesn’t matter… how would it feel to wake up the opposite of who you are now?
Would it change your trajectory?
Would you do everything in your power to become who you once were?
Have you ever felt an aching love?

Do you remember what made it stop?
Do you keep the artifacts of that aching tucked away?
Is it your “break in case of emergency” thing?
Do you have things you break or tear open when you need to feel something?
Anything at all?

When’s the last time you were numb?
I remember when I was last numb.
Are you fingers and toes still cold from it?
Do you own a snuggie just in case it happens again?
Don’t you wish snuggies had a zipper on the back?
How did you survive?

Did you ever put your tears in escrow?
Or postdate a night terror for a more convenient time?
Have you ever tried to find closure with someone?
Was it really finding closure with yourself?
Have you ever snuck a goodbye into the casket of someone you loved before it closed?

I have.


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