Sweet Sixteen Lessons: to my Cousin Trinity on her 16th Birthday

Dear Trinity,

These are all the things I needed to hear and to learn at your age…

1. Don’t rush.
Be a child for as long as your mother will let you. Because once it gets real… It never gets unreal again.

2. Love who you are.
It is the most difficult thing I have ever done. And I have to learn how to love me every single day. It’s a battle I don’t always win. But every day I fight for it.

3. Honor who you were.
You won’t always be proud of your past. But honor it. Learn from it. Grow from it.

4. Welcome who you are becoming.
It’s a beautiful adventure coming into your own. You have the opportunity be exactly who you want to be whenever you want to be it.

5. Take the best. Leave the rest.
The world can be a gorgeous mess… Take from it only what is meant for Trinity.

6. The more irrational your mother sounds. The more right she is.
You don’t understand their craziness for about another decade or so. Just nod your head… Do what she says. And know that it’ll make sense down the line. And when it finally becomes clear. Call her and tell her thank you.

7. Start saving money now.
Even if its $1 a week. Put it away and don’t touch it til you’re 30.

8. Get a hobby that will keep money in your pocket
If you don’t do anything else. Make sure you can always make money. Jobs & student loan refunds come & go. But your hands will sustain you when all else fails.

9. Don’t let people borrow money.
Period. Ever.

10. Figure out what you are passionate about. And live your life for that passion.
Knowing what you love. What you’re good at. What you’re great at now will save you time down the line. Walk in the direction of your dreams.

11. Your first love won’t be your last love.
Your 2nd & 3rd probably won’t be either. Know you will never have a broken heart. Your heart will hurt and it will bend. But you are built so strong… It will never break. I promise.

12. Your body is yours and yours alone.
It is your fortress. It is your home. Be smart about who you let in.

13. Serve those in need.
The greatest gifts are received are when you are helping others.

14. Be the best.
Think like a winner & do what you know is right to do.

15. Your family is always near.
And we love you to life.

16. Trinity. Remember your name.
Know that when someone speaks your name they are honoring the Father the Son & the Holy Spirit. God above all will be your refuge. Live in purpose.

Happy birthday baby girl.




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