Rape is Real. It happens to Women, Men and Children too often to be okay about. We cannot sit by and let musicians, artists, athletes, and media shame us out of our truth. We must tell our stories. I’ve been challenged to write a persona poem. This is my first.


We are a
Poem. Never finished
Only abandoned.*

I laid there
Back to earth
Chest to sky

My lips couldn’t
Utter the words
No. please no.

It was easier
For your penis
To be imagined

Instead of terror
Being my truth
Fill me up

Don’t break my

Give me one
Keep sake… So
I can say

I made it
Out with only
This in tow

You see no
Wrong with your
Newly softened dick

Glee lingers on
My thighs growing
Crusty and rank

Have you ever
Seen laughter and
Joy shatter? No?

It sounds like
Pendulums. a force
Felt through and

Through but only
The ends of
Me can move

There is a
Force. Charging. Fast.
And it will

Last until you
Have a daughter
Of your own

And realize there
Is a penis
Similar to yours

Waiting to say
“She was asking
For it.”

3.26.13 12:49a

(*) From a Paul Valery quote