eZv’s Hometown Tour!!!

Today is the first date on my Tour through Cleveland. I am raising funds and getting practice as I head to the women of the Women of the World Poetry Slam March 6-9, 2013 in Minneapolis Minnesota. I am nervous… anxious… excited… and humbled to be doing something I’ve never seen done like this in MY City. I am collaborating with artists, activists, family, and friends to make this happen.

Major shout out to my lead sponsor Ms. Sharon Denise the CEO of NAPturally Mine Apparel! In addition to wearing her wonderful T-Shirts… I will also be rocking the original designs of Dru Christine! This tour is also brought to you by plenty of people who donated to my ChipIn page. I’m already 90% to my goal before I’ve uttered one poem on stage! Not to mention major blessings from major people who just wanted to help me get there. This tour of course is also brought to you by Strange7Fruit, my earring line that I will be wearing for each performance and selling at the Natural Hair Care & Fitness Expo. The entire tour will be documented by AJ from A Black Agenda!

To one of my best friends and WOWPS Coach Kisha Nicole Foster, thank you for sticking by my side. To Jessica… you already know. And to my PKs. Thank you for inspiring me to go back to what I know.

And last but certainly not least… the crew I’m representing on my way to Minnesota: Lake Effect Poetry! Many thanks to Vertigo for creating a space for Northeast Ohio poets and writers to have our voices heard.

The schedule is posted below… I hope that you will be able to stop by and enjoy some sheer entertainment along the trail. Many thanks in advanced.

Think Peace. Be Peace.

Eris Zion Venia


*Flyer created by Robb “Frostbyte” King with Syre Grafix*