today kuumba. creativity. if you have noticed, creativity lurks at every corner. there are certain things we do as people that is sheer genius! before the whole “go green” craze, my grandmother took old syrup & dish washing liquid bottles cleaned them out and made them into water bottles for me, my sister, and brothers. she took old t-shirts and turned them into dusting clothes. she took old broom sticks and used them to anchor her tomatoes in the garden. | we complain a lot about what we don’t have & what we can’t do. but there comes a point where we have to be great stewards of the resources in front of us! get creative! be blessed on this 6th day of kwanzaa ❤



today nia. purpose. we live in a very “right now” society. rarely do we consider how our actions affect those that come after us… our children, their children, and beyond. it is crucial that we bear in mind that what we do today, directly impacts the world our children will live it… for me? I live my best life for our children by being a living example of self-love, self-respect, and honoring my culture. What are you waiting for? Don’t only live the life you’ve imagined… live the life you’ve imagined for them. Be blessed on this 5th day of Kwanzaa. ♥

my niece Suga B
my kwanzaa princess


today ujamaa. the old saying about TEAM is together everyone achieve’s more. we live in a society where support of small business (black or not) is extremely difficult because of monopolistic corporations. I challenge you all to not only START the businesses of your dreams… but SUPPORT others! Seek them out! Build relationships… hell… barter even! and if you need a place to start… Strange7Fruit <– start by checking out my earrings & accessories line. Let’s keep it funky buy any means necessary. Dedicate a portion of your disposable income to small business. Be blessed on this 4th day of Kwanzaa. ❤


today Ujima. how many times do we say… that’s not my problem? this kwanzaa principal has being stating for decades what the #Occupy movement has been saying for only months… we are connected, and responsible for one another. not just fiscally, but emotionally and spiritually. There is a Zulu proverb that i learned while serving in City Year called “ubuntu” and it means “I am a person through other people… my humanity is tied to yours” –and with this link, we should not only have compassion for our brothers and sisters, but we should not be complacent with their pain or struggle. WE MUST work as a unit to make sure we are our best selves. For 2012… let’s make our Village a reality again. Be blessed on this 3rd day of Kwanzaa. ♥


Today Kujichagulia. At 14 years old… i added “Zion” into my name after reading Psalm 102:13. “You will arise and have mercy on Zion, for the time to favor her, yes the set time has come” I felt as though it was my time for favor… it didn’t happen immediately, but I was like the Jews fleeing Egypt, on a journey waiting on getting to the promise land. at almost 14 years later, I still haven’t arrived, but I’m determined to keep going. Today is for SELF-DETERMINATION. Invoke who you are… call it by name… and be that change you wish to see in yourself. Be blessed on this 2nd day of Kwanzaa. ♥


how wondrous umoja is. i think about corporate unity often… but the unity i’m speaking of… is the unity of self & spirit. 2011 has been a journey towards aligning who i am, and who i serve which is the Most High. #TeamUmoja Be blessed on this 1st day of Kwanzaa! ♥