wassail [WAH-sul; wah-SAYL]

1. An expression of good wishes on a festive occasion, especially in drinking to someone.

2. An occasion on which such good wishes are expressed in drinking; a drinking bout; a carouse.

3. The liquor used for a wassail; especially, a beverage formerly much used in England at Christmas and other festivals, made of ale (or wine) flavored with spices, sugar, toast, roasted apples, etc.

4. Of or pertaining to wassail, or to a wassail; convivial; as, a wassail bowl.

-transitive verb
5. To drink to the health of; a toast.

-intransitive verb
6. To drink a wassail.

What happens
when a poet’s voice
Escapes existence
Where do the words go

Do we lay allterations
Shaped into lilies
On the grave

Do we burn the
Pages of poetry to
Send smoke signals
To the heavens

Poems capture life
Adding to us
Felines luck

risk & reward
Don’t see eye to eye

Death don’t look good
On poets

Somethin about it
Aint quite write

Trading wassail
For tears


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