I allow the scent of u to linger
Longer than I should
Something in the way u, me, and latex
Combined leaves my post orgasm
Mind spinning
Make it worth the sex funk.
Its all relative I suppose
U flee quicker than the time it takes
to wash the stench of us away
Running back to the legs arms
thighs mind that keeps
Your penis running from me to her
My walls will hollow with each dash
Passing baton back and forth
My arm grows weary of holding the torch
I don’t even have the pleasure of being the other woman
No where close to side chick
I’ve never seen ur face from across a dinner table
Only your eyes when u look
To see how how far you can disappear in one of my openings
Its been said that I’m too much
to love forever
Words to swift to battle during arguments
A slap to the face would be the only
Cure for an unbridled tongue
And that’s why women, good women,
Are alone
Too righteous…
Too willing to ride or die
Unafraid to be alone.
He don’t know I’m terrified
And every 28days my would be embryos cry
They want a mommy more than I
Want independence
If bondage is what I need
To show u I need…
To show u I wasn’t put on this earth
As an archetype for lonely
That the words “strong black woman”
Can’t wipe my tears
And I’m the stupid one
For loving u with emotions
I’ve put on lay away.
I’m not jealous of u with a white/skinny/light-skinned/weaved up/or dumb as fuck woman
I just become riddled with abandon
Wondering why this skin
Bears such a heavy cost.


One thought on “allowance.

  1. Nice!!! I have a question for you Eris; “If the ratio of available desirable men to available desirable women is say (conservatively) 4:1, how can a woman not end up sharing a man or end up alone?

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