Mother don’t see her amazing
Its written on my achilles

Painted on my bowed leg
And etched in the ridges of my chipped tooth

She don’t see what I see

Miracles grow from her nail beds
And flowers sprout from her laughing tears

She don’t see her amazing
But prays for it daily

Who but mother can barter dreams for dreams

I didn’t mean to outgrow u so quick…
Mother made it clear that mommies don’t exist

And mimi’s are for when u have amazings of your own

Mother is only holding your hand for so long

I’m your amazing. Your both/and

Don’t give me your cape.
I still need to believe in super heroes

And the ones on tv don’t make macaroni and cheese

I’m far from your perfection.


pink elephants

molestation hides
between the plastic cover and the couch

in the space our grandmothers
forbid us in

trapped in knickknacks,
dust settles on our …secrets… die in the living room

the stories
reveal themselves to lovers

who can’t handle your flashbacks
and impromptu tears

jesus aint always available for council

the tales are branded
on pussies and penises

spread like communicable diseases
sex is a griot that tells the truth

ravaged wombs and urethras
birth babies

hymens broken
wet dream ready

and we are the keepers
of said secret:

the he’s – the she’s
the they’s


the me’s – the we’s
the us

and either parents believe
or flee further away from their memories

just when we thought
pink elephants were an endangered species


Efface [ih-FAYS]

-transitive verb
1. To cause to disappear by rubbing out, striking out, etc.; to erase; to render illegible or indiscernible.
2. To destroy, as a mental impression; to wipe out; to eliminate completely.
3. To make (oneself) inconspicuous.

“I’ve effaced the memory of u with bleach & ammonia. Like those… We should’ve never been combined.”


Aeon [EE-uhn]


1. (in Gnosticism) one of a class of powers or beings conceived as emanating from the Supreme Being and performing various functions in the operations of the universe.

“Our love is not a matter of moments but of aeons. I’ve loved u before my ancestors knew their name.”